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Tips for Drug Program Managers

Companies implement drug testing programs in order to help solve problems not create them. Making sure your program runs as effectively as possible is more important than ever. Today's managers do not have time to deal with problems that could have been avoided. Even more worrisome for companies is the legal ramification from managing a drug program poorly and treating employees unfairly. These tips will help pave the way to a successful program.

Tips for Managers of Companies Who do not Drug Test
-Don't try to get an employee tested without having a company policy. Very often companies try to do this! Without a policy, your company has no legal documentation to rely upon if the employee would take legal action against your company.

-Implement a program NOW! Drug users seek out companies who do not drug test. If your company does not have a program, you are likely hiring from an applicant pool with a high concentration of drug users.

-TECHNOLOGY TWO INC. often hears the excuse from companies who don't test: "if we implement a drug testing program, we'll lose half of our employees". If this is your case, your company really does needs to implement a drug-testing program. Your good employees will stay and thank you for it!
Tips to Make Your Program Better
Hand out a copy of your drug testing policy with every application. This helps avoid any confusion among applicants and can even discourage some drug users from applying.

-Put a sign in your lobby that says you maintains a drug-free workplace program. This lets clients/visitors know that your company is dedicated to maintaining a drug-free company. It also discourages drug users from applying.

-Demand that the employees of hired services (cleaning services, sub-contractors, etc) maintains a drug-testing program also. This is becoming very common! It makes no sense for your company to maintain a drug-free workplace, and then hire a cleaning service that does not have a program. You have just let potential drug users invade your drug-free workplace.

-Make sure your supervisors are well trained and understand the entire policy. Supervisors should be re-trained once every couple of years. Your supervisors are the people who make your drug testing program work correctly.......invest in training them on a regular basis.

-When hiring an applicant never makes "passing" the drug test the only condition of employment. Even if the applicant has passed, all you're other requirements. Do not tell them "if you pass the drug test, the job is yours". Because you have just made the applicant an offer of employment based on them passing the drug test. In addition, while you are waiting for the results, you may read about your applicant in the public record for drug possession. Do not laugh, it happens. Alternatively, you may simply find a better applicant. Anyway, tell your applicants that the drug test is one of the many conditions of employment, not the only condition.

-When testing an employee after an accident or reasonable cause situation always escorts them to the collection site. Do not let them drive themselves. This may seem obvious to some supervisors, but not all, as a true story of a manager telling an employee to drive himself to the collection site for a reasonable cause test ended up in a traffic accident. Luckily, no one was hurt, but the employee tested positive.

-Check with you're current worker's compensation provider. Often times they will provide discounts to companies with drug testing programs that meet their minimum requirements.

-To make your program more cost effective, Many companies can save money by testing for the popular drugs of abuse.

-Make sure your company implements RANDOM testing. It is the single best deterrent to on the job drug use.

-Include all levels of employees in your program. It is an unpopular move to not include employees such as the President, or upper management positions.

-Use your drug testing program as a marketing tool. Promote the fact that you have a drug-testing program. Many customers would prefer to do business with a company that maintains a drug-free workplace.

Learn the 5 Cs of Drug Testing

COMMUNICATION: Be sure your company policy is communicated to employees and prospective employees. Supervisors must have adequate training to administer your program.

CONSISTENCY: Program managers and supervisors must administer the program in a consistent manner. Every employee in the program should be treated the same under similar circumstances.

CONSENT: Get written consent that your employees or prospective employees have been presented and understand the company drug testing policy. Do not attempt to verbally or forcefully persuade the employee to submit to a test. Let your policy do the talking.

CONFIRMATION: Always have screening results confirmed by a certified laboratory. Do not take any action on any "non-negative" screening results. Do not assume a positive screening result will be confirmed positive. TECHNOLOGY TWO INC. Medical Review Officers will determine if there is any legitimate medical reason for a positive screening/confirmation test.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Employees have the right to confidential notification of a test. With test results, always keep in mind that only the people with the need to know should have access to test results. Usually this means the drug program manager and the direct supervisor of the employee.

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