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Drug testing programs are a company's #1 defense to substance abuse in the workplace.
TECHNOLOGY TWO INC. drug testing programs offer you complete coverage. Government statistics show that 71% of drug users are employed. Because a single drug user can cost a company over 7000 dollars annually, it is imperative your company be cautious when hiring or continuing to employ a known substance abuser. Substance abusers use health insurance and worker's compensation at a rate of up to 8 times the national average. Substance abuse in the workplace costs employers billions of dollars each year. TECHNOLOGY TWO INC. drug testing programs will help in your fight against substance abuse.

PROTECT YOUR COMPANY -Most Drug Users are Employed!
Companies across the nation are learning that a comprehensive drug-testing program from TECHNOLOGY TWO INC. is the most effective way to maintain a drug-free workplace. A complete drug-testing program can have an enormous impact on the overall success of a company. Many problem areas such as "sky rocketing" insurance and workers compensation rates, low productivity, high accident rates, excessive absenteeism, and high staff turn-over can be dramatically improved by simply adopting a TECHNOLOGY TWO INC. Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Testing Program.

Companies with existing drug & alcohol testing programs will recognize immediate benefits when switching services to TECHNOLOGY TWO INC. TECHNOLOGY TWO INC. offer specialized attention and service to each of our clients. Our goal is to provide each client with a high quality drug & alcohol-testing program that will benefit the company for years.

If your company has a drug-testing program, "It pays to make sure you are getting your money's worth". Many drug testing programs don't run as trouble-free as they should, which costs your company time & money. Contact TECHNOLOGY TWO INC. to compare your current pricing and services.